Welcome to ElectroLuk, a place where your electronic equipment can be swiftly repaired. If your house equipment such as washing machine or dryer has broken or just isn’t working, then you can readily give our service a try!


It doesn’t cost you much to finally get rid of those vexatious malfunctions, just bring your device and we will see what can we do to deal with them. It’s not a secret that a comparably professional and reliable enterprise is extremely hard to find.


Believe us, our competent staff can offer your damaged, domestic appliances an entirely new life. All of, of course this comes in a accessible price.


We operate across:


  • Co.Wicklow
  • Co. Carlow
  • Co.Wexford


So if you happen to have some of your Appliances out of order, you know where to head.


ElectroLuk is the only proper choice for pretty much everyone who wants his appliances back in the perfect state. Our work is our passion and we can assure you that we are nothing but an honest, solid and experienced.


The client is what matters, therefore we put all of the necessary effort to make you and your family satisfied with our services. Our offer is bigger than you might expect, we also do Appliances control module repairs and any others printed circuit board repairs and so much more.


Keep that in mind in case you ever had any problems with those. There’s not too much to add, just remember that you can always rely on ElectroLuk if it comes to repairing your wasing mashine, dishwasher and all kinds of electronics.